Cruisin’ it!

Today is the first day of our 7 day western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Cruise line! it is a “Christian music cruise” with Come Alive Cruises… you can see more info at Downhere is one of the guest artists along with Casting Crowns, Rebecca St. James, Tait, and Paul Baloche. We are SOOOOO excited!!! This is such a gift for us and it came at such a great time as Jeremy will be gone for 3 weeks after the cruise – on a tour in the UK. So some good quality time will be wonderful! And I really believe this cruise is a bit of a reward (Ok a huge reward!) and an encouragement for the guys and all their hard work.
We won’t have much internet access on the boat so I’ll post pictures and comments to fill you in when we return. We would appreciate your prayers for health and safety… thanks!

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One response

  1. Sarah Potts

    Hey girlie! You ALL deserve this cruise! A chance to relax and explore the world! I will be praying that everyone stays safe and healthy. I hope Sherri is feeling better. Can’t wait for the pics and the exciting adventure stories!

    <3 Sarah

    February 11, 2007 at 9:56 pm

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