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Map of UK Tour

So this is pretty cool! I have a friend at work and his job is to make maps for the company where I work part time. He works on all different kinds of maps and has entered one into some sort of world-wide contest! I really don’t know much more than that other than whenever they are printed out they look amazing! I’ve talked with him about what Jeremy does and where he is this week and he offered to make of map of the UK tour. Click on it and look at it a little bigger. When they played in Dartford, England they were just about on the Prime Meridian. Oh, and keep in mind that each of these concerts take place each night for one week, so they are having to fly a few times to get to the next venue on time. Crazy! You can read about it from Jeremy’s journals at I’ve been able to talk with him every day by using Skype, an online program that allows you to talk with anyone in the world for free… praise the Lord! He just needs to find internet access and it works! So that has been a blessing.

I’ve been staying pretty busy this week. Two of my girlfriends have offered to make me dinner this week which was SO wonderful! I went and saw the movie Amazing Grace (the company I work part time for paid for everyone to go see it) and I highly recommend it! It was so well done and such a testimony to what God can do through a simple ordinary man. My Cinderella parties went great and just brightened my day. One lady gave me a $65 tip… whoa!!! And she had tears when I was leaving… so sweet. Tomorrow I’m off to AL with a friend from college to visit another friend from college. Then I need to rush back to get to a baby shower. Then one more week!! Ok thanks for stopping by. I’ll fill you in more after the weekend.