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Marathon…We did it!

Well we finished! All the hard work and training paid off! Now we can really celebrate and eat lots of dessert this weekend=}. You can check out Sherri’s blog to get specifics on times for the other band guys – Jason, Dave and Glenn! Way to go guys! Glenn set the new downhere marathon record (previously held by Jeremy). Jeremy, Krista (Glenn’s sister) and I ran together for the first 11 miles and then Jeremy split off and joined the full marathon course. Krista and I finished strong beating our goal of 2:30 by 8 minutes! Jessica, Heather and Glenn’s other sister Tracy volunteered to hand out water at mile 8 so we saw them just in time for some encouragement!

We read the Tennessean today and found out that the former running back for the Titans, Eddie George, ran the half-marathon and finished ONLY 20 minutes before me and Krista. George said that running the half-marathon was more difficult than playing a NFL game. His goal BEFORE the race on Saturday was to run the full marathon next year; but AFTER the race he said he’s not sure because this one was really difficult. I felt pretty good after reading that article =}!!! And then there was the 71 year-old man who ran the full marathon in 3:48… wow!

All in all it went really well and I’m feeling sore but not as bad as I was expecting to. Here are some pictures from the big day!

Cmm_2 Tomorrow Erin and I will be running in the Country Music Marathon here in Nashville. I’m pretty excited about it – we’ve got a number of friends who will be running also and I’m thrilled to be doing another run. Erin’s going to do the half (13.1 mi) – I’ll be running the first 11 mi with her and then when the two courses split I’ll go on and finish the full. If you have nothing to do tomorrow morning and would like to follow along and see how we do, go to and look for the running name dhJeremy – that will be Erin and I for the first 11 mi and then just me for the rest of the race. The race starts at 7am CST – we probably won’t get to the starting line until 7:30am or so.

Thanks – we’ll make sure we post some pictures when we’re done! Time to start eating some carbs…

Home for Easter

Well, it’s been a crazy last couple of months, but I’m home at last – for a week, anyway. And it was great timing – I was able to spend Easter morning with Erin… and all the other folks at Rolling Hills Community Church. We got home at 10:30pm Friday night (after driving 32 hours straight from California) and on the drive home I got a call that one of the drummers had to cancel and they needed a drummer to fill in for Sunday morning. So I agreed, which meant I was up for rehearsal at 8:45am Saturday morning and then load-in at 7am today. But it was a great morning… the sunrise was amazing. In past years I have organized sunrise services with a friend, but the past few years I’ve been on the road over Easter and haven’t had a chance. I wasn’t in any shape to put something together this morning, but it was neat to still enjoy the sunrise on my way into town and reflect on what took place this morning thousands of years ago. Many blessings to you and yours – we’ll fill you in on our California fun soon!