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Decorating "Our" Christmas tree

We’re so sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted here – things have been rather crazy in our world over the last few months. However, it’s now Christmas time, which means it’s time to decorate a Christmas tree!

A friend of ours was snapping pictures during the whole process and when we looked at them afterwards we thought it would be fun to let you in on how our tree gets decorated every year through a series of pictures – call it a “photo essay” if you will…

Erin deciding whether she’s going to let Jeremy help decorate.

Erin decides to let Jeremy help but only under strict supervision (“This one goes here, this one over there…”).

Jeremy deciding if he really wants to see this task through to the end…

Posing for a picture: “Jeremy ‘helps’ decorate the tree.”

Jeremy decides his time would be much better spent (and FAR more productive) making eggnog ice cream.

The finished product… “We” did pretty good, didn’t we!