A Montana Christmas!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the new year has brought you a refreshing look on life and a time to reflect on all the good gifts God has given. Jeremy and I enjoyed our time off from the road life and retreated with my family in Montana this Christmas. So far we have successfully been able to pull off an “every other year” plan for Christmas with our families and this year happened to be a time with my family. However, we were able to incorporate some of Jeremy’s family traditions such as having “Christmas crackers” at dinner and working on a crossword puzzle made by my Dad. We took advantage of the beautiful area that my parents live in and went snowmobiling, sledding and even went on a horse drawn sleigh ride!! My two sisters where there as well with their husbands and of course my little niece, Ella! I just couldn’t take enough pictures of that girl. She says my name now and it’s SO precious… it sounds like “owen”. Here are a few pictures of the lovely time we had with family!

This is Ella before the sleigh ride! The sleigh was pulled by 4 percheron horses that were all decorated for Christmas. And Ella on Christmas morning!

Jeremy and I on my parents deck after snowmobiling. The mountains behind us are covered in clouds but when it’s clear the view is spectacular.

I was smiling for the camera in this picture=}!

My beautiful fam on Christmas Eve after the candlelight service.

One response

  1. Anonymous

    Nice blog! It was special for Mom and I as well as the greatest earthly Christmas present we could have was having you all here with us for Christmas. We’ll forever cherish those memories and pictures! Dad

    January 8, 2008 at 9:43 pm

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