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A True Princess

This last weekend I did a Cinderella party for a lady I work with part time. She has a little daughter named Gabbi who turned 6 recently. Since she is still in love with princesses and fairy tales, she thought it would be a good idea to bring Cinderella to her party. Now I was expecting this party to be like many of the others… facepainting, story time, games and crafts. etc. And all the little girls all dressed up in their favorite princess dresses like usual (very cute by the way…this job never gets old). They were all dressed up and we did many of those things, but a few moments made this one stand out among the rest.

Each activity we did, I let all the girls know that since it’s Gabbi’s birthday she gets to go first for whatever we are doing, so she would feel special that day! But when it was time to eat cake we sang her happy birthday and all the girls waited eagerly to get their piece of the castle cake. However, Gabbi was not at the table with the rest of the girls. She was making her way to and from the cake table and serving her friends first!! I was so impressed by that simple act of kindness from a 6 year old at HER party! I have been to many parties and I don’t think I have ever witnessed that from the birthday girl.

While the girls were eating their cake I was walking around and putting little glitter tatoos on their hands. I glanced over at Gabbi and she was whispering something to her friend. Then she turned to me and asked, “Cinderella, do you love Jesus?” I looked at her with a big smile and said, “Yes I do love Jesus!” She then turned to her friend and said, “See, she does!” That just melted my heart! I love sharing my love for Jesus especially to children, because I was 6 when I asked Jesus to come into my heart, so I know she can grasp that!

Another moment that made this party different from the rest was when I realized there wasn’t any presents. But there was a table with a princess table cloth right next to the one we ate at, and it had lots of groceries on it. I asked the mom about it and she said instead of gifts, all the girls brought a grocery item that Gabbi would help give away to a family in need!!! Wow… I love that idea! I give props to the parents for raising their little girl this way and I admire the little girl for her willingness to follow through… a true servant… a true princess!