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Still Alive

So for those of you who still check this blog occasionally here is an update… finally!!! Here are a few pictures from the spring tour with downhere, Jason Gray and Shawn McDonald. We were able to take a bus out on the tour which was a huge plus and makes traveling much easier. Although I really don’t sleep well on the bus so it’s nice to be back in my own bed for a little while. Another bonus was the fact that I was able to see my family as we did a show in Montana!!! To the right you’ll see I put my Dad to work behind downhere’s merch table for the evening (I was the merch manager for the tour so great volunteers made my life SO much nicer). And thank you to any of you who came to show your support at a show… you guys are amazing and we love seeing your familiar faces!!!

I had a day off to spend with my older sister and brother-in-law and was able to hang out with my cute little niece! Here we are on a tour of the bus! She loves her Uncle Jeremy… but only from a distance for some reason=}!

A couple people had Birthdays during this tour so we celebrated in style usually after the show in the bus. Jason and Taya would supply the party favors and we would play pin the tail on the donkey on the moving bus and make balloon animals… we were crazy! Jeremy and I found these mustaches for everyone to wear to celebrate a guy in Shawn’s band’s Birthday (he had a real mustache and wore it well)! Oh and these ugly teeth had some bling in them… notice Jeremy’s jewel in his front tooth=}!

And after every show the promoters would hook us up with cereal for the next morning, and it was usually more than we could ever eat. We loved having all these options every morning though.. you never knew what you were gonna get. By the end of the tour we were buried in cereal!

Anyway, it was a great tour for World Vision!! We ended up getting 850 kids sponsored in 26 shows! Thank you Lord! It was such a blessing to be a part of that! Now for a little R & R before we are back at it again next week!