Pray for Cooper

Last week I was able to attend a gala that was a fundraiser for Best Buddies of Middle Tennessee.  You can learn more about Best Buddies at  It’s a great organization that is starting up in my area and will no doubt be beneficial for Liam’s social life someday!  While I was there I was able to connect with a few moms who have a child with Down syndrome.  That was the first time I’ve been surrounded by moms who know exactly what I am going through, so it was such a blessing.  I’m looking forward to connecting with them more and more as Liam grows.  One of the moms I met at the gala connected me with a lady named Emily!  I have yet to meet her in person but just looking at her blog makes me look forward to that day.  In Dec. last year she had a little boy named Cooper who was born with Down syndrome and a severe heart defect. Today is the day of his open heart surgery.  So please pray for him and his family.  You can check out more info and read her blog at  Thanks for your prayers!!

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