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Liam’s Baby Dedication Ceremony

Here is a video of Liam’s ceremony this morning at church. It was pretty moving – enjoy!

Liam in his crib at 5 months

Liam loves the little jungle animals on the bumper pads in his crib! He loves them so much that I had to put a blanket over the ones at the end of the crib above his head, because he really likes those! He would use his brace as leverage and push himself to the end of his crib and would just stare at the faces. I’m not sure if the other faces keep him from sleeping or not but he is still pretty much sleeping through the night. And when I say pretty much I mean 7pm to 5 or 6am (whenever the sun comes up). So I’m not ready to take it out just yet. Oh, and in the video I call the little animal a bobcat… I guess I am a true Montana girl since Jeremy has corrected me saying it’s a tiger because they are jungle friends;), oh well! Enjoy the smiles!

4 years ago today…

I married my prince charming! Literally, Jeremy dressed up as prince charming and proposed to me at a “staged” birthday party while I was in my Cinderella dress… but that’s another blog. Right now Jeremy is in Denmark with downhere playing a show, so we will be celebrating next week. It just doesn’t seem like 4 years have actually passed by! Where has the time gone?! I wish I could live that day all over again as it was a total dream come true. I truly married the man of my dreams and love him more today than I did 4 years ago!

I looked back at our wedding pictures this afternoon and had some good laughs to myself, and thought I would share them. Here are just a few that were taken by friends or family, not our professional photographers that we hired. Awwww, sweet memories!

cakeFunny story about this cake… I guess right before people showed up for the reception the whole top half of this cake fell off onto the floor and the glass figurine of Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming broke. So my friends that were there to help set up had to call Publix (where I had the cake made) and they rushed in a new top. They brought a top they already had made I guess, which would explain why the top half is a little bigger than the bottom. And they had to use frosting to put the figurine back together (and we’ve since replaced it). I remember noticing it but didn’t ask questions. Then after we returned from our honeymoon everyone filled me in. It’s always something, right?!

isleI love this picture… my Dad is so handsome! And it’s kind of small but you can see Sherri and little Jonah in the background on the right side.

waitingI know it’s blurry, but at all weddings I just love watching the groom as the bride walks down the isle. He has such a sweet, tear-filled look on his handsome face!

prefect10Jeremy did such a great job dipping me for the kiss! I didn’t expect it!! And all the groomsmen had score cards they held up during the kiss… the only one who had a 10 was right beside us – it made for a great photo!

LeavingThis one is blurry too, but I just love the look on our faces. This was taken right after they said “Mr. and Mrs. Thiessen!”

laughingI love this candid shot! Not sure what we were laughing at. Ok one more I promise…

Expect“Expect Great Things From God” – This archway is above us in the picture shown above. And it pretty much has been our “motto” in our marriage! God continues to amaze us in this crazy life and we want our marriage to reflect his love and greatness and point people to Him!

New Found Freedom!

Liam was born with a left clubfoot. The doctors told us that it can be genetic. This is on my side of the family, but when they found it in my 18 week ultrasound I was still surprised because it hadn’t even crossed my mind. I was also sad because my younger sister was born with bilateral clubfeet and I have vivid memories of being in the doctor’s office watching him manipulate my sister’s feet while she screamed! Her feet are corrected now, but I will never forget the many casts she went through as a little girl.

After we found out about Liam’s foot we began doing research on how doctors repair clubfeet now a days. My dad came across a method called the Ponseti Method. We began praying that Liam’s foot would be easy to fix and not require surgery, and that we would find a doctor that would apply the Ponseti Method. And of course the orthopedic doctor we were referred to applies the Ponseti Method on all his patients who have clubfeet, praise the Lord! Basically Dr. Ponseti’s method requires a series of casts, usually 6-8 weeks. Liam only needed a cast for 5 weeks! Then, if necessary, the doctor will perform a surgery to clip the heel cord allowing the foot to flex. Our doctor said that Liam is in the top 10% of kids who do NOT need the heel cord clipped! Which is so awesome because then it would have required him to be in casts for 3 more weeks – not fun for anyone! After the casts, the foot is corrected but still needs to be held into place. So Dr. Ponseti recommends they wear a brace for 3-5 months for 23 hours/day. Liam is now DONE with the 3 months of wearing the brace full-time! Now he is required to wear the brace only during the night and one long nap during the day until he is 4 years old. So he is now free to move and kick and play when he is awake without his big clunky brace to weigh him down! I’m so happy for him! Probably much more happy than he is, because he doesn’t seem to mind his brace too much anyway;). Although he has been smiling much more lately!

I’ve attached the before, during, and after pictures here so you can see the difference! God is so good and his feet look perfect!

Clubbed footFor some reason I love the crying pictures. He was probably tired but I had to get the picture first;).

CastHe is 6 weeks old here, but he got his first cast put on at 4 weeks.

skaterboyWhen he was 2 months old we had the brace put on.

FeetAt 5 months old he was given his freedom during the day!! Sara Harper took this one and I just love it…

Picture 5She took this one too… too cute!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Our good friend Sara Harper came over this weekend and snapped some more fantastic pictures of Liam. Click on the picture to be taken to the slideshow. Happy Mother’s Day, mom and mother-in-law!


My Little Rock Star…

will be 5 months old tomorrow (Monday)!!! That is SO hard for me to believe. I feel like he was born yesterday… ok maybe not yesterday. I feel a little better than that;). Here are some cute pictures I took of him this week. This first outfit was given to us by Jeremy’s grandparents and it’s just adorable! I don’t want him to grow out of it!

We have just started to put him in the jolly jumper and he seems to like that. He likes to plant his left foot on the ground and pivot and jump around with his right foot. It’s pretty cute, but something I need to let the physical therapist know about. We just got the other outfit in the mail this week and I love it! He doesn’t seem to mind the hat at all yet, which I’m so glad about;)! You’ll notice he loves to suck on his hands. But when we get about 6 inches from his face, his hands go in our mouth… cute! Enjoy!



Speech and Communication Points

Last week Jeremy and I attended the Down Syndrome Association of Middle TN conference called “Fired Up”. We sat in on 2 seminars; Speech and Communication from Birth to Two, and one on Medical Updates. Here are some points I learned in the speech class:

  • Speech therapy can start as early as 8 months of age.
  • Start to teach baby sign language when the child can wave bye-bye.
  • First 2 signs to teach them are ‘more’ and ‘finished’, to give them a sense of empowerment.
  • Bring awareness to an object and make it pop out of the environment – more colorful, funnier, louder etc.
  • Use a swivel chair to work on sound localization. This helps them learn to hear something and know where it comes from.
  • Keep them attending to an object longer, and talk about the object.
  • Use bubbles for visual tracking. Help them learn to pop the bubbles.
  • Teach cause and effect by helping them switch the lights on and off.
  • You cannot do too much work on oral motor skills.
  • Begin using a pacing board (definition below) while they are in the one word stage.
  • DS children generally start speaking between 3 & 4 years of age.

I’ll post about what I learned in the Medical Updates seminar later… I’m tired and ready to get some much needed sleep!

A pacing board consists of a series of dots (either black dots or color coded dots related to intial, medial, and final sounds) placed across a cardboard sheet. Depending upon the age and need of the child, there may be as few as three or as many as 10 dots placed across the board. The professional uses the board to help the child identify and produce initial and final sounds of simple words, syllables from bi-syllable and trisyllable words, and later the production of different words from simple and complex sentences. For example, the child is taught to touch a dot each time he or she says a syllable in a multisyllabic word. The advantage of the pacing board is that it provides both a visual and a tactile cue. It also provides the child with structure and the necessary pacing for proper articulatory movements of sounds, syllables, and words in sentences.