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6 Month Check-Up

My baby is already 6 months old!! I just can’t believe it! And he is growing like a weed. This last month I started him on solid foods, and by solid I mean pureed of course. Up to this point he has eaten single grain rice cereal, sweet potatoes, avocados and drinks prune/apple juice. He seems to be a good eater so far. His growth proves it. At his 6 month check-up he weighed in at 17lbs, 15oz. and is 27.63 inches long! Wow! On a typically developing baby’s growth chart he is in the 55th percentile for weight and 85th for height! On a Down syndrome growth chart he is off the charts in both height and weight!

He seems to be a pretty good sleeper at night. However, I do have some concerns with him getting enough deep sleep. When Jeremy and I attended the DSAMT conference in April they discussed the common sleep issues for people with Down syndrome. One of them being Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). I guess this occurs in around 45% of people with Down syndrome and can be the cause for many health concerns that are acquired as they age. Click here to learn more about OSA in Down syndrome. I think Liam has shown some signs of OSA because of some of the noises he makes while sleeping and how he sleeps with his neck bent back a lot of the time. I discussed my concerns with our pediatrician and he made an appointment for us to meet with a sleep specialist next week. We will then have a sleep study done on him sometime this summer to find out if he does have OSA. I’ll keep you posted.

On another note, I was thinking about all the places Liam has already been in the first 6 months of his life! He has been on 4 road trips and 1 plane ride. He’s been to GA, KY, OH, MT, MN (if you count the airport), and Ontario, Canada! We have been busy these last 6 months and it’s not about to slow down. Liam is a great traveler so we are taking advantage of that, along with Jeremy’s frequent flier miles, and going to spend some time with our families. It’s nice that he is free to fly for now!

Here is a picture of my big boy testing out the umbrella stroller. This will really come in handy for me in the airport next week! Doesn’t he make this stroller look small;)!?


May Memories Made!

Painting class

This was my Mother’s Day gift from Jeremy! I got to attend a painting class put on by a lady named April James… go to to learn more! She provides the materials and teaches us how to paint one of her paintings. It was lots of fun!


Liam had his first experience with solid foods and did really well! I was so proud of him. I am needing to give him an ounce of prune juice every day to help try and keep him a regular guy;). So I mixed the rice cereal with the prune juice and he seemed to like it. This bib is great too!!


Liam had been smiling a lot more this month! It’s been a lot of fun! After he was done eating he flashed a big smile, so I think he liked it… either that or he was happy to be done;)!


A friend of mine is lending me her exersaucer and Liam seems to like it. Right now he is more focused on the toys in front of him than he is bouncing and using his legs, so I don’t leave him in it for long periods of time just yet. The reason being, I’m not so sure that it would be beneficial with his low muscle tone and the growth and strength of his hips until he is a little bit stronger.


In this picture with Jeremy is the coach of the Nashville Predators, Barry Trotz. Our church had a Family Fun Night with the Predators and Barry was there playing street hockey with some of the kids. He has a little 8 year old boy who has Down syndrome so we really wanted to connect with him, especially since he is a fellow Canuck! Barry grabbed Liam right away and gave him lots of love! It was past his bedtime so his fuse was short for unfamiliar faces;).


Liam and Daddy!


I finally got Liam some sunglasses, so now he can go outside without looking down all the time because of the sun. And he LOVES books… I think he could just sit there forever and look at the pictures and listen to the words. So as you can imagine, I’m having fun reading to him!


Wendy and I finished another 5K, and beat our last time by 9 mins! This run was for the TN Baptist Children’s Home. Wendy’s daughter Lauren is holding the sign in the picture! She was part of our cheerleading team along with Jeremy and Liam.


Here is my favorite moment of the month! We had Liam dedicated at our church on the last Sunday of May. A dedication is a commitment, or covenant, we as parents make before God and our church to raise our little boy in a godly home. The church also responds and commits to help us along the way. Pastor Jeff officiated our wedding and led the dedication ceremony… such a neat moment as we make another covenant now as parents! And Liam even gave Jeff a big smile right when he told Liam that we would teach him about the Lord… great timing;)! We have chosen a life verse for Liam and were able to share it during the ceremony. It’s Psalm 139:14 – “How you made me is amazing and wonderful!”



This is Liam’s first time at the pool! We took it slow by sitting by the pool and splashing water on him then eventually ended up putting him in his floaty. He did really well! It was a warm day so we only kept him in the water for about 20 mins. When we got back home that day he slept for 3 hours! Guess we need to go to the pool more often!