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Update on Physical Therapy

Liam has been doing really well with his physical therapy lately! He is starting to sit up for longer periods of time all by himself (he holds on to our hands and we help him up to a sitting position, and he stays there). It’s so cute! Besides being in his jumper as you may have seen in the previous post, he now loves to work on standing. He would much rather stand than sit – it’s pretty funny! I need to get a picture of him standing because he becomes so animated while standing. He holds on to our fingers and pushes up with his legs and stays holding on until he needs a break. In this picture Liam is sitting at a little tray that the physical therapist brought and he just loves it. He forgets he is sitting because he is so distracted by his toys! It’s been a big help.

sitting at tray

The physical therapist also brought this little toy and he just recently became really interested in it. I think he finally figured out that when he pushes the buttons it makes noise and lights up. So he’s been sitting up really well with this toy! Check out his little mullet that’s forming… I think it’s already time for a hair cut! He’s too young for a party in the back;)!


Another toy he has recently started to figure out and enjoy is this little drum (of all things – thanks Derk!). It sings the ABC’s when you bang on it and he loves to hit it! Such a great distraction while he is working on sitting. And of course it makes Daddy proud too;). He doesn’t look too impressed here, but he really enjoys it, I promise!


So here he is! My big boy sitting up all by himself! Apparently children with Down Syndrome tend to have shorter limbs than typical kids. When learning to sit, the typical kid can support his weight with his hands resting on the floor. Liam has to learn to sit by resting his hands on his legs. However, he doesn’t really enjoy that part and just wants to take on the challenge of balancing, which is actually working out well for him.

sitting up

This next picture is the position Liam likes to be in during tummy time! As my sister likes to say, he is my little “skydiver”! He does put his arms underneath him to support him, but it’s not his favorite position. It takes lots of good motivators to get him to pivot and use those arms. I’ve recently discovered that if I put him in the crawl position over my leg on the floor, and put the Baby Einstein video on my laptop on the floor in front of him, he will be so interested in the video that he won’t realize he’s putting weight on his arms. It’s worked great so far, and the physical therapist liked it!


All in all, Liam is doing really well and always impressing our physical therapist. So much so, that she suggested she move to only coming twice a month instead of once a week. So we’ll see. She’s been a big help. Liam has the rolling thing down, both directions, even with his brace on;)!! And he’s starting to tuck his knees under him like he’s about to crawl… we just need to get those arms ready too! I’ll keep you updated!

Liam in his Jumpster

This video was taken on July 7th when Liam was 7 months old! He just loves to jump!! I have a number of pictures and updates to fill everyone in on. I’m home now for a few weeks and will have time to get some new posts up. So be on the look out!