Successful Day of Therapies

Today I took Liam to speech therapy and occupational therapy. We go every week and he spends an hour with each teacher back-to-back. Last week he had a hard time focusing for 2 hours straight, most likely from just being away due to the holidays. Today he was much more focused and really showed off his skills! We have speech the first hour and he impressed Ms. Molly with all of his sign language. She read a few books with him and he would point to something on the page and then do the sign. He has been doing that for a while now but just recently his signing vocabulary has really taken off! He seems to be so proud of himself because he smiles every single time he does a sign or imitates Ms. Molly. It’s too cute! He REALLY loves books and could sit and read them all day long!

Within the last week he has begun to imitate many different sounds which is very exciting for me! For example, I was reading a book to him yesterday that had a picture of a snake on a page and I said, “Liam, look at the sssssssnake”. And he went, “ssssss” right back to me with a smile on his face of course. He also says “ba” when I ask him what a sheep says, “ooo” for a cow, and “ufff” for woof. Those are just a few of the sounds he is confident in. The speech therapist told me about a helpful resource for children with Down syndrome entitled, See and Learn Language and Reading. She also sent me to the website Up For Reading for helpful tips on teaching children with Down syndrome to learn to read at an early age. I am going to try and get the starter kit from the See and Learn site and start that with Liam! Karis will benefit as well!

Oh and just for the record… he did well for the most part at OT today! He is pushing and pulling all the things she gave him to do and is really starting to master a particular puzzle with animals and their sounds! But that is another blog altogether.

I’m very grateful for the many resources we have and all the wonderful therapists we have access to! I really enjoy the challenge of learning how to best work with Liam. What a gift he is!

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  1. lifewithjerin

    Thanks for the site. He typically does really well with the therapies back to back! He does things for the teachers that he won’t necessarily do for me. It helps having someone different teach him for a bit.

    January 19, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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