My Little Joy!!

Here are some precious recent pictures of Karis. I call her “my little joy” because her middle name is Joy and she bring so much of it into my life… along with her dramatic streak of course. She is quite the expressive little girl… shocking, I know!;) I will post more about her when she turns ONE in a couple weeks but for now enjoy these little moments of joy!

Karis signing “please” and wearing pigtails for the first time!

Karis can be a good eater… I’ll let you be the judge if she was at this meal.

Skyping with Nana and Papa Thiessen. She LOVES attention even from the computer screen!

As soon as the front door opens Karis tries to escape. She loves being outside!

Karis is so expressive… especially when she watches Elmo!


One response

  1. Cristin

    Erin, the pictures are so adorable! Thanks for sharing! I love the pig-tails…so cute!

    February 23, 2011 at 8:20 pm

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