My Little Rock Star…

will be 5 months old tomorrow (Monday)!!! That is SO hard for me to believe. I feel like he was born yesterday… ok maybe not yesterday. I feel a little better than that;). Here are some cute pictures I took of him this week. This first outfit was given to us by Jeremy’s grandparents and it’s just adorable! I don’t want him to grow out of it!

We have just started to put him in the jolly jumper and he seems to like that. He likes to plant his left foot on the ground and pivot and jump around with his right foot. It’s pretty cute, but something I need to let the physical therapist know about. We just got the other outfit in the mail this week and I love it! He doesn’t seem to mind the hat at all yet, which I’m so glad about;)! You’ll notice he loves to suck on his hands. But when we get about 6 inches from his face, his hands go in our mouth… cute! Enjoy!