jars of clay

Jeremy’s Week in Review

“Week in Review” – that sounds pretty lame, really. I’ll have to come up with some clever title for this like Grandpa’s “Weakly Note” – any suggestions, Grandpa? I’m obviously having a hard time hitting the Monday deadline, aren’t I!! As usual, we’ve had a pretty full schedule since I last posted. Let me “break it down” for you:

  • Last Friday we drove BACK to Nashville and flew to California where downhere performed at Spirit West Coast in Monterey on Saturday. On Sunday we did a concert in Roseville, CA and then flew back home (finally!) on Monday.
  • Tuesday we went to see the Bourne Ultimatum (I’m a big Jason Bourne fan – you can read more about the movie here).
  • Wednesday Erin did a Cinderella party in the AM, then we had lunch with some friends of downhere who had travelled in from various places (VA and MI, mostly), and then I was wrapped up in meetings the rest of the afternoon.
  • Thursday was spent getting ready to leave town again for 10 days. Erin worked at her part time job and I ran around getting errands taken care of – it was a pretty busy day (and not enjoyable in 100+ degree heat!) and we finished it off with dinner with two other couples from church – so that was great.
  • Friday we got up at 2:45am (I’m shaking my head as I type this) to drive to Michigan to play at a festival with Leeland, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, and others. Erin’s going to post some pictures from the day, and you can read some of my post about the day here as well (we nicknamed them “Jars of Thigh” for the night – need I say more??).

That should be it – we’re headed to Ireland next week so it will be probably much more interesting. Hopefully we’ll get some down time next week – I’m really feeling like I’m needing it. So we’ll see…