Easter Surprise!

Many of you may have figured out where I went for Easter judging by my Twitter the other day. But for those of you who don’t know, let me fill you in! Jeremy and I used our frequent flier miles (one of the perks Jeremy has for traveling so much) and flew to Montana for Easter to surprise my parents. We flew into Bozeman, MT and stayed with my older sister Julie and her family for a couple days first. While we were with her we set up a 3-way video chat with my parents (who live 3 hours from my sister) –  we made it look like Jeremy and I were still in TN. We were just chatting away as if nothing was different when I told my parents I would go grab Liam so they could say hi to him. Instead, I went and grabbed Maya (Julie’s new little girl). You’ll see pictures of Maya below – she looks distinctly different from Liam, mostly because of her head full of long black hair! Well, I brought her in and held her up to the camera… and my parents didn’t catch on right away. They just thought Liam had grown a bunch of hair all of the sudden!! My dad kept saying he needed more bandwidth because he knew something didn’t look right. Eventually Julie left her screen and came over to ours and put her face next to mine and we said “Happy Easter!!!” At that point they finally figured out that we were in Montana, not Nashville! So that was a lot of fun. We figured we’d let my parents in on it before we showed up at their doorstep a couple days later just to give them a little time to plan. It worked out really well and we were able to celebrate Easter all together and it was a blast!

My parents have an absolutely breathtaking view from their deck which definitely adds to the celebration of the resurrection. Our traditional family Easter weekend schedule goes like this: on Friday we attend a Good Friday service (which we didn’t end up doing this year), then Saturday we dye and paint Easter eggs, and Sunday we celebrate the resurrection at church! And we ALWAYS take a formal family photo after church. Especially this time since we won’t be all together again until Christmas. I’ve posted lots of pictures below so you can get a glimpse of the fun time we had at Easter!easter1

Family photo


As my sister Jacque says, “we take our egg dying seriously.”


Jacque’s masterpiece… a sunset over the ocean!


Our family with a view from my parent’s deck… it came out dark so I had to lighten it a bit, so it looks kind of fake.


The new babies… Maya and Liam!


Liam loved his Easter basket from Grandma;)


Julie and her beautiful little girls!!

Images of Paradise!

Swimming with Stingrays in Grand Cayman!!

One of the many towel animals that were on our bed after we returned from dinner. I went to a class on the ship to learn how to make them! I hope I remember!

downhere in concert on the ship.

Awww… I miss it already!

Our room with a view! I so enjoyed sitting on our window sill and just taking in the vast expanse of the ocean.

Formal night with my hunk!

Enjoy this picture everyone…you won’t see them this snazzy very often=}.

Enjoying the chocolate buffet!

Paradise… thank you Lord!