4 years ago today…

I married my prince charming! Literally, Jeremy dressed up as prince charming and proposed to me at a “staged” birthday party while I was in my Cinderella dress… but that’s another blog. Right now Jeremy is in Denmark with downhere playing a show, so we will be celebrating next week. It just doesn’t seem like 4 years have actually passed by! Where has the time gone?! I wish I could live that day all over again as it was a total dream come true. I truly married the man of my dreams and love him more today than I did 4 years ago!

I looked back at our wedding pictures this afternoon and had some good laughs to myself, and thought I would share them. Here are just a few that were taken by friends or family, not our professional photographers that we hired. Awwww, sweet memories!

cakeFunny story about this cake… I guess right before people showed up for the reception the whole top half of this cake fell off onto the floor and the glass figurine of Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming broke. So my friends that were there to help set up had to call Publix (where I had the cake made) and they rushed in a new top. They brought a top they already had made I guess, which would explain why the top half is a little bigger than the bottom. And they had to use frosting to put the figurine back together (and we’ve since replaced it). I remember noticing it but didn’t ask questions. Then after we returned from our honeymoon everyone filled me in. It’s always something, right?!

isleI love this picture… my Dad is so handsome! And it’s kind of small but you can see Sherri and little Jonah in the background on the right side.

waitingI know it’s blurry, but at all weddings I just love watching the groom as the bride walks down the isle. He has such a sweet, tear-filled look on his handsome face!

prefect10Jeremy did such a great job dipping me for the kiss! I didn’t expect it!! And all the groomsmen had score cards they held up during the kiss… the only one who had a 10 was right beside us – it made for a great photo!

LeavingThis one is blurry too, but I just love the look on our faces. This was taken right after they said “Mr. and Mrs. Thiessen!”

laughingI love this candid shot! Not sure what we were laughing at. Ok one more I promise…

Expect“Expect Great Things From God” – This archway is above us in the picture shown above. And it pretty much has been our “motto” in our marriage! God continues to amaze us in this crazy life and we want our marriage to reflect his love and greatness and point people to Him!

It Still Fits!!

If you read yesterday’s post then you would know that I got the opportunity to put on my wedding dress again today for the Nashville Bridal Show! I had so much fun!

The people that photographed our wedding had a booth set up and had me stand out in front to greet people and usher them into the booth for more information. I had such a great time chatting with people and answering their questions and talking about my wedding day. The photographers, Suzette and Kevin, had me bring our album to display. Plus… they had a 24 x 26 framed bridal portrait of me hung up along with several others (here is the picture of me next to the portrait…crazy=). I also had a mother come up to me with her little girl and say her daughter wanted to have her picture taken with me…so funny! I should’ve brought my Cinderella party business cards with me…bummer. So anyway, it was a fun and memorable day for me and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

This morning after Jeremy dropped me off he when for a 9 mile run around downtown Nashville and is well on his way to the marathon. Then when we got home this afternoon he biked with me while I did my long run. I felt so good too! I did 5 miles in 1 hour and 9 minutes. So please continue to pray for good health, strength, stamina, positive attitude, endurance, will power…and all those kinds of things and we’ll continue to update you on our progress. Thanks for stopping by! Off to bed now.

Every Woman’s Dream

Tonight my wife is carefully laying out the necessities for tomorrow – white satin gloves, a tiara, a Swarovski crystal choker, and, of course, the veil.

No, Erin’s not getting married again tomorrow – I won’t allow it.

What I WILL allow is the opportunity for her to wear her wedding gown again. She has been invited by our wedding photographer to come be a “greeter” at their booth at Weddings the Bridal Show in Nashville tomorrow. It seems that in the past year and a half they have been getting rave reviews about her bridal portrait – every bride-to-be they sit down and talk with comment on this picture. So they thought “Why don’t we bring the real girl in for the day?!?”

Erin is thrilled.

I am too – for her. Once again, the difference between man and woman is being displayed here – if someone I HIRED to do a job for me a year-and-a-half ago called me up and asked me to come stand in my tuxedo for 4 hours on a Saturday for free (they ARE giving us another print of one of our wedding photos, just for the record – a very nice and probably fairly expensive “thank-you”) I would have told them they had fallen off their rocker and hung up.

But for my wife – this is a dream come true. And rightfully so, I guess. Picking out the dress was probably one of the biggest and most important decision of the whole wedding process – I can understand how it would be fun to wear it in public again. And she’ll look FANTASTIC – that’s a given. It even somewhat appeals to the monetary part of me – I mean, we payed $xxx.00 for this dress to only wear once?!? Are you kidding me – yeah, let’s get it out again! But would I do it – would I get dressed up again? Not a chance…

Not unless my bride was standing next to me.

(You’ll hear her side tomorrow)