Every Woman’s Dream

Tonight my wife is carefully laying out the necessities for tomorrow – white satin gloves, a tiara, a Swarovski crystal choker, and, of course, the veil.

No, Erin’s not getting married again tomorrow – I won’t allow it.

What I WILL allow is the opportunity for her to wear her wedding gown again. She has been invited by our wedding photographer to come be a “greeter” at their booth at Weddings the Bridal Show in Nashville tomorrow. It seems that in the past year and a half they have been getting rave reviews about her bridal portrait – every bride-to-be they sit down and talk with comment on this picture. So they thought “Why don’t we bring the real girl in for the day?!?”

Erin is thrilled.

I am too – for her. Once again, the difference between man and woman is being displayed here – if someone I HIRED to do a job for me a year-and-a-half ago called me up and asked me to come stand in my tuxedo for 4 hours on a Saturday for free (they ARE giving us another print of one of our wedding photos, just for the record – a very nice and probably fairly expensive “thank-you”) I would have told them they had fallen off their rocker and hung up.

But for my wife – this is a dream come true. And rightfully so, I guess. Picking out the dress was probably one of the biggest and most important decision of the whole wedding process – I can understand how it would be fun to wear it in public again. And she’ll look FANTASTIC – that’s a given. It even somewhat appeals to the monetary part of me – I mean, we payed $xxx.00 for this dress to only wear once?!? Are you kidding me – yeah, let’s get it out again! But would I do it – would I get dressed up again? Not a chance…

Not unless my bride was standing next to me.

(You’ll hear her side tomorrow)