Surgery update

Well it’s 4:45am and since I’m up I might as well write this down and keep everyone up to speed;). Jeremy and I are taking turns sleeping since the room sleeps one besides Liam. His surgery went well and the doctor decided to take out his tonsils too just to rule out any obstruction in his nose and throat that may be causing the apnea. He said he went back and looked over Liam’s sleep study and realized that the numbers were pretty significant, and to prevent having to put him under maybe a month or two from now he might as well take out both his adenoids and tonsils now. We are thankful for his decision… we are just dealing with a longer recovery process for Liam.

After the surgery they put him on fluids through an IV to keep him hydrated. The day of the surgery the only thing he would take through his mouth was the Icey they offer here. It’s good stuff… just shaved ice and yummy flavor. He took that well once on Monday. Then yesterday (Tuesday) he was willing to eat baby food so we fed him 2 and 1/2 jars of it throughout the day. He still didn’t want to take anything from a bottle or sippy cup. So we tried giving him formula on a spoon and he loved that… mostly b/c he was pretty thirsty since they took him off fluids at 7:30am yesterday. We found that he will take some from a syringe as well but it’s a bit of a fight. He really has to be in the mood for any kind of intake. But it’s early Wednesday and he’s had 8 oz. of formula starting last night around 5pm. So that may be enough to show the doctors he’s willing to drink (if we get creative) and send us home. I just think he’ll sleep SO much better at home. The most frustrating part is when he finally goes to sleep (b/c lately it takes him forever to fall asleep) and we have to wake him to give him tylenol or his antibiotics. Then he’ll be so upset that it will take him another hour to fall back asleep!!! Ahhhh! He needs tylenol every 4 hours even through the night.

Anyway, besides that he does seem to be in good spirits. He still loves reading his books and playing with toys and watching baby einstein. They took his IV out last night so that freed up another hand to use to play with! His blood oxygen sats look amazing while he is sleeping now too!! Before they would dip down into the 70’s and now they are staying in the 90’s (where they should be), praise the Lord!!! Oh and our creative way of feeding Liam is this… Jeremy holds Liam laying back in a rocking chair, and I stand nearby and hold the laptop with baby einstein playing on it, up near my shoulder so he looks up… while in the other hand I use the syringe to put formula in his mouth. And then after each squirt Jeremy blows in his face a bit to help him remember to swallow. It’s tricky but whatever works at this point!

So thanks for praying! The doctor saw Liam yesterday morning and noticed how content he was and said Liam’s made a liar out of him (b/c he warned us that he would be cranky for several days). But Liam does have a pretty good track record;). Just pray now that he will start taking fluids more willingly b/c that will speed up the recovery process. Ok off to wake him up once again… sigh!!!


Eating the Icey


And now peas and brown rice the next day.

LiamdrumsThis toy is a little drumset that lights up and makes noise… the nurse who was prepping us and Liam for the surgery brought this in for him to play with not knowing what daddy does;). He loves this toy and it has stayed in the crib near him since!

Surgery Tomorrow… and a cute video;)

Hey everyone… just wanted to let you know that Liam is having his adenoids removed tomorrow morning to hopefully correct his sleep apnea. We should only be in the hospital for a night as the recovery process is pretty quick. The doctor didn’t want to take out his tonsils because it would be too traumatic for him at this age. So hopefully with the adenoids gone it will be enough to help him sleep better! That would be amazing! Please keep him in your prayer as he recovers… thanks!!!

Here is a video of him laughing in the meantime;)!