My Little Water Bug! – Videos of Liam Swimming

We have been taking Liam to swimming lessons off and on since he was about 9 months old and he just loves it! He has become quite the little fearless swimmer and he is so proud to show me his skills. Here are a few videos I took from his lesson today with coach Beth Scruggs! She is amazing… and I am one proud mama!

This one is my favorite! He had just noticed where I was sitting and wanted to show me his skills… melt my heart!

Liam is getting really good at floating on his back! At first he wasn’t a fan but now he is a little pro and even kicks his feet.

Coach Beth has this great water platform. Liam opens his mouth really big and smiles and squeals as he anticipates his jump off! Too cute!

Liam’s swimming videos

Well I finally remembered my camera and I’m glad it was on a day like today! The lesson after Liam’s canceled so we got to stay a bit longer, and I’m so thankful because he was having a blast!! This was his best lesson yet! I wish I could’ve recorded every moment. He started off with his usual “please don’t take me away from my mommy” mad cry, but then eased up and enjoyed himself after a few minutes of tears (and after I left his sight). We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with coach Beth! She coaches for the Special Olympics and really has a heart for teaching kids with special needs!! We started lessons with her in September when Liam was 9 months old and he has definitely had his share of crying lessons but I think he has turned a new leaf… thanks to Beth’s hard work and daddy’s help!

I posted some pictures on Facebook but thought I’d show you some videos too. I took so many, so here are a few of the highlights I was able to capture today. You’ll notice he knows when she’s going to put him under water to he knows to take a deep breath… so cute!!


Just to update you on Liam’s appointment with the ENT… they scheduled him to have his adenoids removed on September 28th (next Monday). We’re looking into possibly getting his tonsils removed at the same time, but we’re not sure the doctor wants to do that because he’s so young. So we’ll be back at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for at least a night next week maybe more. Please pray everything goes smoothly… and it corrects his apnea!

Another note, Jeremy took Liam to his swimming lessons last week and he did great. It was his second lesson and he seemed to be a little more comfortable than the first. The first lesson he had a lower lip and tears most of the time while looking around to make sure we were still there;)… it was so cute! Coach Beth is amazing and really does a great job working with him. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with her. This past lesson Liam went under the water 10 times and he didn’t seem to mind a bit… what a tough guy!!

Last Friday I had the chance to get together with some other moms who have children with Down syndrome. It was so cool to hear some of their stories and challenges. What amazing moms they are! It’s also fun to watch our kids hang out together! Here a couple pictures of the kiddos at the playdate.

Liam and coopLiam and his new friend Cooper!

4friendsThis is all four of them left to right… Etta, Cooper, Brewer (in the background facing the camera) and Liam.

Next weekend is a big weekend in our world! We are helping our good friends David and Amy Watson with their huge yard sale they are putting on to help raise the money they need to adopt kids from Ethiopia! If you are in the Nashville area and have things you can donate please contact them via their blog. They are dear friends and we are thrilled for this new season in their lives as they are responding to God’s call on their lives to adopt. Also, next Sunday our church begins meeting at our new location The Warehouse in Franklin!! We are SO excited to be moving to a place to meet permanently! We have been waiting 5 years and now God has just opened the doors and provided a building… and it is nice!